Deadline extension – Rebento Journal - number 13

Rebento Journal issue 13, entitled "The one who says yes, the one who says no: teaching experiences in Remote Teaching and Distance Education in Arts”, opens call for submissions that expose and discuss the resignification of pedagogical processes in training practices in arts in pandemic times, in public and private colleges, as well as professional courses. When all relational processes have been resized, also those of a pedagogical nature, instituted by presence and dialogism, one encounters new challenges in the integration of technological resources and virtual spaces. Tactical-pedagogical stratagems, active methodologies and interactive environments support the sum of non-face-to-face communication to today's teaching-learning, in a context of debates, adhesions, meetings and inventions, as well as setbacks, immediacy, precariousness, digital exclusion and inequalities, that concern the social function and "value" of arts education. This edition will seek to constitute a production in episodes, in which the contradictory dimension of the issue is brought to public examination by listening to different voices that call for their right to teaching-learning experiences. The proposal will bring together written texts (in fictional or essay form), visual essays, audiovisual records (of teaching activities or creative processes derived from classes), interviews, manifestos, translations and narratives of processes; materials that register and disseminate the impasses of the present moment in the history of humanity. The editorial staff will be led by invited professors Alexandre Mate, Simone Carleto, the Amorada Research Group and the Editorial Team of the magazine. All contributions must be submitted to the magazine's platform ( by 15 November 2020. Proposals with varied themes are still accepted in the continuous flow system. The publication of Volume 13 of Revista Rebento The one who says yes, the one who says no: teaching experiences with Remote Education and Distance Education in Arts is scheduled for the end of the second semester of 2020.